what’s in a name? (also, HELLO!)

Hello fellow human! I’m Rachel, and I’m starting a new adventure in the blogosphere. I like long walks on the beach and writing out my feelings, and I think that more cats= more happiness.

But enough about me, because I don’t feel like I can introduce myself properly until I’ve explained something a little more glaring– the title of this blog. I think names are important. And the perfectionist in me lead me to spend four days picking this one.

Arresting. Radiance.

[uh – res– ting]. [rey-dee-uh ns].

(Let’s begin with some definitions, shall we?)

arresting :  

  1. (adj.) attracting or capable of attracting attention or interest; striking 
  2. (v.) to catch and hold; attract and fix; engage 
  3. (word play) a resting; describing something in a state of rest

radiance: (n.) full of joy and hope

These two words capture my dreams for this space and for my life.

First, I long to be ever radiant –glowing, shining, iridescent. Filled with the love of Jesus Christ and joy in my Saviour, and ready to spread that to the  world, wherever I land.  I long to live a life of arresting(adj.) radiance that stops people in their tracks. To have my love for Jesus be more evident than my brightest sweater or boldest lipstick and for that to shine brighter than any of my accomplishments or failures.

Yet no day dawns without a promise of turmoil. Ruthless disruptions. From those tiny problems (read: I went through a whole interview with lipstick on my teeth) that can instantly shade the sunshine, to tragedies that sweep you off your feet and forever rob you of “normal”.  They come. I’ve faced them. But I serve a good God. And I want my life to be in the business of arresting(v.) the radiance. I want to capture and hold onto radiance that surpasses all circumstances. “The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) is what I choose to proclaim in every moment.

As a third contender to my word-plays and over-thinking, I am pursuing a. resting. radiance. Radiance that takes time to smell the hope after a good rain because it is here for the long haul. Radiance that is as resilient as it is bright. A light that is founded only in a love so deep that no height or heartache or tragedy or joy or battle or wound can ever separate me from it (Romans 8). Fear is no competitor because this resting radiance is sticking around. You might as well get cozy.

There it is. A glimpse into my brain, and a preview at my vision, and an understanding of my ridiculous thought processes all in one. I’m sure you’re positively dazzled (or not, which is more the expected response.)

So, the real truth is that with all that has happened in the last couple years, there are days when my shine has dulled and when I feel like I cannot be joyful for one more second because my world has been torn to shreds. But God gives me the strength to go on for a few more minutes. And it’s strange how tragedy can make you so introspective, because in that process, I realized that I have a lot of thoughts and ideas and ramblings just floating around in my head, and they’ve been begging for a way out. And I find that often in pouring out my heart to God, I feel hope. And maybe there’s a chance that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

glittertumblr_me20sjQ7q11rdprmno1_500And here we are. A space for that kind of mental vomit to occur and for nice people like you to read it (or not) and for me to write it anyway. What a lovely thought.

So, come. Live a sparkly life with me.



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