allow me to introduce myself

Hello lovely soul,

Welcome to A(rresting) Radiance.

I’m Rachel, a 20-year-old lover of Jesus, cats, lipstick, and the internet. I’m in my 3rd year of university, working on a B.Sc. in Mathematics and a B.Ed. in Junior/Intermediate Education. I love good literature, spend way too much time on YouTube, and do math problems in my spare time. More importantly, I am learning to live a life of total surrender to Jesus Christ and to grasp onto joy in the fullness of His love.

I started this blog to serve as a blank canvas for my swirling thoughts, and my prayer is that you might learn something new from it too as we learn to love God together.

I also love lists, so here are 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me: 

1). My mom and my brother Ryan are the most important people on earth to me, and a close second are my three cats, Orange, Silver, and Asian.
2). I come from a Mexican-Mennonite background and speak Low German, which is a dialect of German.
3). I get very passionate about mathematics.
4). My top 3 bands are Relient K, Pentatonix, and Panic! At the Disco.
5). I fall asleep during 90% of movies (even in theatres), and I can’t help it (and it’s the worst thing ever).
6). I have a collection of graphic print sweaters that mostly just confuse people, which makes me very happy.
7). I’m a recovering perfectionist. No seriously, I googled “How to Boil Water” once because I wanted a recipe for it…
8). I have a phobia of mold.
9). I like to pretend I’m funny.
10). I went zip-lining through the jungles of Nicaragua in 2012 (and I say that to sound adventurous and exciting, but basically I’m the least extreme person alive).

There you are.

Your choices are either to run now while you have the chance, or stick around for tea.

But if you choose option 2, then come, live a sparkly life with me.

Rach ❤


One thought on “allow me to introduce myself

  1. Hi Rach, I’m Marg. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but that doesn’t matter . I just read your post “My mom has a boyfriend” and was truly touched by your honesty and your transperancy. Thank you for sharing your heart. I was blessed.
    I’m happy for your mom and I’m happy for the man she is dating. I know him. He’s a good man . He is also my second cousin. His wife was a good friend of mine back in our youth years.
    Yes, – our ways are not God’s ways and that’s a good thing . Very well written, thank you again


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